A Note From Angie Manno

Angie is the wife of founder, John Manno, Sr, as well as one of Southland's first employees. She continues to work as treasurer of the company and represents Southland's strong family values and history.


I was born in Shreveport, Louisiana in the Old Schumpert Hospital. It was torn down and a new building was erected in its place and that stands today. Shreveport has been my home all of my life and I attended Allendale School on Pierre Avenue and C. E. Byrd High School. After graduation I went to Baton Rouge and enrolled at Louisiana State University and got lost among the thousands of military folks returning from the war and enrolling in school. Classes were overflowing.  After a period of time, I returned home and completed my education at Centenary College. I taught school for a while and then worked at First National Bank in the Loan and Discount Department. That bank is now JP Morgan Chase.

Then I met the love of my life at a mutual friend’s wedding……a fellow from Brooklyn, New York who was in the United States Air Force and stationed at Barksdale.  We married, had a wonderful son, John, and decided to make our life’s work by establishing Southland Printing Company, Inc.  There were a lot of hard times, hard work and sometimes very little money, but we were committed and….. Never say never was not a part of our vocabulary.  That Company remains today a leader in the field of supplying products for the parking industry.

My life and work at Southland includes preparing payroll and paying all bills from the very beginning.  I also was the first Janitor and cleaned the restrooms and offices.  I guess I was the first bindery person also because I did the collating and gathering tickets.  These were the flat tickets in the beginning and long before the web presses performed their magic.  I also did all of the Traffic and Shipping…….went with the President on sales trips…..developed the Rose Logo and many of the items that identify Southland today.  Looking back, I was involved and assisted in the development of all that identifies Southland to be the leader it is today.  We worked together and were committed to each other and to the success of the Company.

My parents were fantastic people and taught me to work hard and you can become successful.  That is exactly what we did and of course we lived by the saying…..whatever the mind can conceive and believe can be achieved.  We never left God out of our lives and He brought us through many battles victorious. 

We were always thankful for our many blessings and especially for our beloved family…..our son John, and his wife Lynne, and our precious grandchildren Jay and Mary.  We have a large extended family and we made them always in our thoughts, prayers and concerns…..our devoted and hardworking employees.

I close this little message wishing you and your beloved family the blessings of the holiday season.  Happy Thanksgiving.  God bless you each and every one.