Five Positive New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

The New Year offers a fresh start and the opportunity to refocus and reaffirm the areas in our lives we’d like to improve. As we enter 2015, dedicate some time and effort into setting your goals and thinking about how to achieve them. To get you started, here are five positive New Year’s resolutions for 2015.

1. Start building your wealth

Are you sick and tired of being in debt and just ‘getting by’ financially?  Perhaps it’s time to reassess the economics of your life and dare to dream about growing your income, paying off debts and establishing financial freedom.  Dave Ramsey calls paying off the mortgage the “New BMW!”  Having more money offers more freedom in life and the opportunity to pursue your dreams and make them a reality.  So how do you achieve this?  Simple – start investing.  You don’t need thousands of dollars to get started, just some old fashioned drive and determination mixed with the right knowledge and skills.  You would be surprised at what a 13th house payment would do for increasing the equity in the home.  Save the first dollar.  Automatic monthly transfer from your checking account to some sort of investment account.  Put $2,500 to $5,000.00 in that “Rainy day fund” and don’t touch it even for that new rifle or boat.

2. Get your health on track

This should be so much more than just shedding the excess kilos gained over Christmas. Seriously think about the aspects of your physical health that need addressing.  Pay a visit to your doctor or local pharmacy for a ‘health check’.  They’ll measure things like your blood pressure, blood glucose levels, cholesterol and body mass index (BMI) and help you determine what your health risks are and how to get back on track.  Go for a walk in the evening especially during those lighted evenings in the summer time.  Play golf and walk don’t ride.  A little will go a long way.

3. Work on your relationships

New Year’s resolutions shouldn’t be just about you.  Are there people in your life you’d like to be closer too or perhaps need to step away from?  Do these people share your values in life and support the changes you’re trying to make as a person?  Performing a ‘spring-clean’ on your relationships is a great way to surround yourself with positive people who will help you work towards your goals.  Add a date night with that someone special once or twice a month.  It will also reduce conflict, promote greater harmony and contribute to your overall happiness and wellbeing.

4. Get projects off the ground

Have you been thinking about starting new projects?  The New Year is the time to get started and finally take action on your ideas.  There is a lot of power in ‘doing’ rather than just thinking and talking about doing something.  Once you get started you’ll be amazed at the momentum you will create and the positive impacts on other areas of your life.

5. Dedicate time to interests and hobbies

Life isn’t just about work.  It’s incredibly important to get real joy out of things that you do and this is where pursuing hobbies and interests comes into play.  It will also give you time and space to relax and unwind; giving you renewed energy and vigor for work, relationships and achieving your goals in life.  Spend some time in deep thought.  Let your emotions go rampant.  Escape to a new place either by reading a book and if the money is there travel.  Stretch your inner being.  Get out of that comfort zone.

Start the New Year afresh by establishing your resolutions now and if you don’t have any for the beginning of the new year, establishing a new resolution in mid-year can also pay dividends.  Make them achievable and across different areas of your life, but don’t make them unattainable.  You might be able to run a mile, but running a sub 4 minute mile is something that only a few can achieve.  It is important to keep the momentum going throughout the year and watch all the amazing and positive changes that can unfold.